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Sew Cool for School

This was probably my biggest doll clothes challenge thus far, and certainly a hodgepodge of patterns.

The skirt is from Liberty Jane Patterns. This was my first time sewing pleats, it was time consuming, but the payoff feels great!

The beret pattern is free and you can find it here. It's Molly's hat (I left off the loop on top)

The long sleeved blouse I patterned myself.

The free vest pattern and tutorial can be found here.

The glasses can be found at Hobby Lobby

The chalkboard is clearly a cut of the vest fabric. I glued it on cardboard.

Please join our flickr group and upload pictures of your school apparel or any other Finding Pins and Needles projects. I'd love to see them!


  1. The glasses add just the right touch. Makes me wish you could make me some "school" clothes!

  2. I really do like the vest...the algebra problems remind me of a pair of TOMS.

  3. May I please have the pattern and tutorial for the vest!!!! Love it!

    1. I posted the vest pattern and directions! You can find it here:

  4. I love the out fit.
    And yes I would love to have the blouse
    Honey you never ask that question .Would anyone want the pattern.
    Everyone wants it.
    Thanks love your work.
    Bev in Ohio

  5. In step 2, the instructions say to join at the shoulders both the lining and the vest fabric. Then they are placed right sides together and stitched all around, leaving a small opening for turning. But in the photo of the vest on the doll, the shoulder seams have been stitched AFTER the fabric and lining have been stitched around. Why is this?

  6. yes I too would like instructions for the blouce!


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