Friday, November 9, 2012

Personalized Pencil Drink Sleeve

It's important that we show the teachers in our kid's lives that they are appreciated. I wanted to make something personalized for their Christmas gifts this year and thanks to Crafty Staci and her tutorial I was able to come up with something pretty cute.

Name Personalization
UPDATE: I now have a personalized pdf pattern available on Etsy! For a few dollars I can do the work for you and email you a pdf with your teacher's name on it. Check it out!

You do the personalization step right after you've constructed the pencil front, and right before you sew the back, front, and InsulBrite together. If you're brave you can hand write onto the fabric, but if you're handwriting challenged like me, here's the cool dashed print font for free. I used Adobe Illustrator to curve it and also created the three lines. This can be done pretty simply with most editing software. Print off the name and make sure to mirror the image. I traced the name on the paper with my favorite Sulky Iron-On Transfer Pens. Here's what it looks like transferred onto the fabric:

Next use embroidery thread in red, blue and black. This only requires very simple backstitch and running stitch. Good luck!!

Recognize this ABC lined fabric? I used it here on another teacher gift. You can still find it at JoAnn's.

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I love my teacher gifts, you can see more here:


  1. These are so cute- thanks for a great teacher gift idea!!!

  2. Umm, do you sell these? I would love to give one to my son's regular teacher, his autism teacher, his speech teacher, and his gym teacher.

  3. What a great teachers gift. I am totally going to pin it and I hope it goes should :)

  4. These are soooo cute! Can't wait to make these for the holiday gifts!
    Posted about your great blog in my back to school roundup!

  5. This is really an innovative idea. These kind of name badges are very rare in the industry. Thanks for sharing this innovative idea to the readers. Keep sharing more information about the same in the upcoming posts.

  6. That's a good idea. A personalized gift shows that you actually took the time to make something specially for them. While even parents who take 5 minutes to buy something are appreciated, it is really nice to know someone spent time to create something just for you.

  7. These look so cute. I think more than value of the gift it is the spirit which matters most. I am sure the teachers must have been flattened by this gift.

  8. Wow! Thanks for putting this on etsy. I am gonna order this for my kid.

  9. That's a good idea.
    thanks for a great teacher gift idea.

  10. That's a good idea.
    Thanks for sharing.