Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wall-e egg

Wubby (my 3 yr old) looooooves Wall-e. For Christmas he got a little Wall-e toy. But sadly, he has no Eve. He loves to pretend play while he watches the movie. In place of Eve, he was using a plastic pretend-play egg. It was pretty pitiful. So, if you look online for Eve action figures that size, the price is jacked up. Again, I'm cheap. But I did find this. They charge for the pattern, so I created my own. I used felt for the black on the eyes and hand stitched the blue eyes (I cut out the eyes on the template and traced them onto the felt) and the leaf emblem. Remember to cut out 2 Eve bodys and 4 arms. I just stitched the arms on afterward, but I've heard some people have used buttons, so the arms swivel better.

Needless to say Eve was a big hit.

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