Monday, February 6, 2012

Easy Peasy Rice Heating Bag

Now that Christmas is over, I can spill the beans rice. I made a number of rice heating pads as gifts. Of course I got the idea off of Pinterest. Thanks to Pinterest, no one can take credit for anything novel. I researched a number of tutorials and tried to tackle it.... which led to much frustration trying to sew seams while the pad is already stuffed with rice. I came up with a solution.

Materials & Tools

The Heating Bag
Cut your strips of flannel,  2 pieces 18x9in and 1 piece 4x18in (for the strap). Right sides together top stitch a 1/2 seam along 3 sides, leaving one of the  long sides open. Turn right side out. Measure and mark with chalk 4 lines running the short direction. Top stitch along these lines. This should give you 5 pouches for rice. For reinforcement, take your sealed long edge, fold twice,and topstitch and zig zag edge (see photo at the bottom of the page).

Mix your rice and essential oils in a bowl. I'd suggest using a stir stick or spoon to mix it. Use a funnel or spoon the rice into the 6 pouches. Sit the heating bag on end (see picture) and fill. I filled mine about 4 inches high.

Pin all the way across just above your rice line to keep the rice back and create a clearance from the edge. Next, pin and sew up the seam by folding it over twice. I topstitched twice and then zig zaged the edge to reinforce (see photo).

The Strap
Next take your 4x18in piece for the strap. Fold it long way (hot dog) right sides together. Sew up 3 sides, leaving one of the small ends open. Turn right side out, tuck raw edges in and iron. Top stitch the entire perimeter. Wrap around your heating bag to measure where you want to place your hook and loop squares. Sew the hook and loop on their respective sides to create a snug hold. And that's it! Stick your warmer in the microwave for about 2 minutes (play with the time according to your microwave).

Please join our flickr group and upload pictures of your heating bag or any other Finding Pins and Needles projects. I'd love to see them!
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  1. Ooooh fantastic! Just what I was looking for - all the ones that are on sale here seem to be lavender scented and unfortunately lavender gives me a sore head :( Thank you so, so much for sharing this!

  2. What was your ratio of rice to essential oil?

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  4. Hi there! Thank you so much for your instructions! I have been trying to find a rice bag like this for a while. As I walk through the instructions I am finding it a bit hard to follow and confusing. May I suggest adding a bit more information and pictures in a step by step process? The first instruction indicates to zigzag but the picture below it shows a zigzag that isn't mentioned anywhere within that paragraph. I am still a bit confused about the first paragraph zigzag mentioned. I think you are trying to instruct both long sides folded and zigzagged? Also, one area indicates 5 pouches but you mention 6 when it is filled. Thank you again!

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