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Knock off of a knock off: Christmas wreath pillow Tutorial

I got this idea from this site, a knock off of a Pottery Barn pillow. I wanted to change a few things, so I created my own tutorial. I wasn't so keen on the idea of gluing the pieces on (my kids would pluck those suckers off in no time), nor using buttons for the berries. So here's my version...

Materials & Tools:
  • 2 cuts of fabric (back and front) for your pillow (I used tan for the front and a red stripe on back)
  • stuffing
  • thin cardboard or card stock for leaf template
  • green felt (varying green colors optional) an 8x10 sheet is sufficient
  • red pom pom fringe (I used 3/4)
  • a circle template (I used an embroidery hoop, a plate or bowl will work also)
  • green and red thread
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • pins
  • pen (preferable disappearing ink or water soluble pen)

Freehand a simple leaf for a template. I drew it on thin cardboard. Using a disappearing ink pen, I traced leaves on my green felt. I would also recommend using varying colors of green for a richer look. The number of leaves you need will be determined by the size of your pillow, and size of your circle.

Next with the same pen I traced a circle on my fabric. I used a 7" embroidery hoop, but a plate or bowl will work too. Next, draw random clusters of 1-3 circles in varying positions around the circle, this is where you're "berries" will go.

Next take your pom pom fringe and cut individual balls off, leaving the tails (see picture). Place the balls on the circles you just drew and using the sewing machine, sew the tails onto your fabric (try to get as close to the ball as possible, this can be TRICKY!). Run stitches forward and backward a number of times over the tails.

Next, lay out your leaves, overlapping and pinning them. Make sure they fit snuggly up against the berries so that the tails are hidden.

With green thread, sew the stem lines of your leaves, affixing them to the fabric underneath. Make sure to secure your stitches by back-stitching at the beginning and end of your stem.

Your wreath is done! Now, take your pillow back fabric and right sides together, stitch the perimeter of your pillow leaving a small hole for stuffing. Pull right side out, stuff and hand stitch up your hole. Whaala!
Please join our flickr group and upload pictures of your wreath pillow or any other Finding Pins and Needles projects. I'd love to see them!


  1. Just pinned you! Love this wreath. Easy, but oh-so-lovely! Thanks.


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