Monday, March 9, 2009

I've got ya' covered

Sew this one is from an actual tutorial from a book, the Sew Everything Workshop. I recently set up my sewing room in our unfinished basement, so I wanted to brighten the area as well as keep my machine from getting dusty. It was fun, and it's the first time I used bias tape. There are all sorts of tutorials out there, I just happened to use the one in the book. I did add a handle to the top, which wasn't in the pattern.

I drew my own pattern for the butterfly, actually I just drew half of a butterfly, turned it over and traced it again so I got an even image. This was an easy project and is a huge improvement over the lame plastic one that came with my machine.


  1. The fabric doesn't appear to be oilcloth, as recommended in the book. If not, did you use anything to make the fabric stiffer? Do you feel the cover functions well enough without using oilcloth. I have a prettier fabric I'd much rather use to make my cover than oilcloth, but I wasn't sure if it would turn out. Yours seem to work very well. Nice job.

  2. adkicks: I did not use oilcloth like recommended. The cover isn't as stiff as I would have liked. I may have used interfacing if I did it again. I didn't go with oilcloth because of the cost and the fabric choices. Good luck!