Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Crafty Scrapy Apron

Yet another additional to my sewing room! This time I used a tutorial, but got lazy. I took the idea, and the measurements of the apron and went on instinct. I'm sure it would have turned out much better if I read the directions, but I was challenging myself. Or was I lazy? hmmm... anyway, I changed things up a bit. I didn't do patchwork, although I LOVE the one in the tutorial. Mostly because I didn't have a selection of scraps that I liked.

If you look closely, there is a small detail that I experimented with. I used the star stitch to create a simple pattern. In hindsight I'd use a contrasting color, but I wasn't as brave when I started. This is a good alternative to creating detail if you aren't patchworking your apron. If you click on the image you can get a closer look.

Now I'm sewing in style.


  1. Your apron looks great! I need to make myself one, I can never find my scissors when I'm sewing!

  2. It looks wonderful!! Very talented you, given that you did not follow any instructions..